Create a Separate Administrator User Account

Posted February 9th, 2011 in Internet Security by advisor_admin

Create a separate user account with administrative privledges, and then set your user account (and those of your other computer users) to be standard account types.  You might name the new administrator account “Joe Admin”.  Create a unique password for the Joe Admin account.  Restart the computer and logon to the Joe Admin account.  Now set your original user account to be a standard account type instead of an administrator.    The Joe Admin account is used only when installing software.  Otherwise you continue to logon to your original standard user account for everyday use.  The advantage of having a separate administrative account is that whenever software trys to install, Windows will prompt you for the password of the administrator account.  This password prompt is a BIG RED FLAG for you that software is about to be installed.  This creates a significant hurdle for malware to install on your system without your knowledge.

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